The Crew Motorfest Lets You Keep Your Crew 2 Vehicles

If you’re familiar with our coverage of The Crew Motorfest, you’ll already know some key details about the game and its connection with The Crew 2.

Originally, Motorfest was intended to be The Crew 2 DLC under the project name “Orlando”. However, sources familiar with the game’s development had claimed early last year that the game morphed into a standalone title (as I previously reported via Xfire). These details were seemingly confirmed earlier this year following the game’s announcement teaser trailer.

Insider Gaming understands that although The Crew Motorfest takes place on a new island (O’ahu), it isn’t necessarily standalone and still has a huge connection to The Crew 2. One of the major connections between both games is its vehicles for example.

Upon starting the game, players will be given the choice of transferring their The Crew 2 vehicles and accessories to Motorfest, or starting completely from scratch with no head start. It’s understood that a large majority of the vehicles in Motorfest are from The Crew 2, and some sources have estimated that around 80-90% of the vehicles are from the second game in the series.

Insider Gaming has seen footage that shows a total of 566 vehicles currently in The Crew Motorfest, which includes cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and much more.

Ubisoft has confirmed that The Crew Motorfest will be making an appearance at the Ubisoft Forward event on June 12, 2023. So we expect to hear more details there, including the game’s official release date and price.

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  1. There is so much to tell yet about Motorfest and all will be shown during the event, the game fells more like Forza Horizon but all the fell of the crew

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